EUSW - European Platform for Worldwide Social Work
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28th August 2008

28th August 2008

6th May 2008
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18th-20th September 2008

30th June-4th July 2008

21th–22th April 2008
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Working Group 2 - Publications

Three new social work textbooks will be produced during the project period, drawing on contributors and aimed at readers throughout the European Union and across the World. The network and the activities within it, such as research and training, offer unique possibilities for creating informative learning and teaching texts, and the network intends to fully realise this potential. The texts will be comparative, responsive and inclusive. They will be geared towards improvements in training for all sectors of social work including students at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

WG2 Work plan doc - pdf

1st book: Restructuring Social Welfare by the Exclusion of Social Work? doc - pdf
In the 1st annual meeting, held in the end of October in Cosenza (Italy) it was proposed to produce a book which has its focus in the essential changes in social welfare systems and in the organisation of social services in European countries. The working group publications, consisting of members from five European countries and chaired by Günter J. Friesenhahn (Fachhochschule - University of Applied Sciences Koblenz - Germany) has outlined a draft structure for a book with the working title: "Restructuring Social Welfare by the Exclusion of Social Work?".

2nd book: Migration and responses in different European countries doc - pdf
The Working Group publications invites all members of the network to contribute to the production of a book with the title: "Migration and responses in different European countries".

Working Group Report pdf